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This is one of my favorite and first erotic short stories.

My boyfriend and I just got into a huge fight, a fight over something stupid. He is very dominant and always has the final say. We have only been living together for a month and this is our first argument. I was so angry with him. I went to the kitchen to get a glass of wine. He walks in with this strange look of disgust, or was it lust, or love? I wasn’t really sure. I had never seen him look this way at me. He said nothing and walked into the living area. I grabbed my glass of wine and a book and headed towards our living area but opposite side of him… I sit in my over-sized seat that I normally sit in when I read. I’m just wearing my yoga pants and a tank top, no bra.

I’m home for the night and in my “comfy” attire. I try to start reading but I’m still so upset with him and only fumbling through the pages acting like I’m reading. I glance over at him and he is glaring at me! I look back into my book quickly as he glides across the room, gets between my legs and holds my arms down to the chair. I give him a glare back but I’m a little frightened on the inside. Then he kisses me! Hard! Forcefully takes my lips for his own. At first I push him away but he won’t release me and keeps my hands held down as he kisses me, kissing my lips, my cheek, my ear, down my neck , to my shoulder… I moan in part shock and part excitement. He releases my hands and firmly pulls my breasts out of my tank top. He starts fondling one breast while licking and sucking the other. He is squeezing them tight. It hurts a little yet feels good. My anger towards him is still there, yet I’m aroused.

After a few minutes of him playing with my tits he pulls me up from the chair and still not speaking pulls my yoga pants off and my panties. He takes his clothes off quickly.He is 6 ft tall, 185 and has such strong hands. His dark brown eyes are gorgeous but still I see he is angry. He is such a gentleman and sweet so I'm surprised He still looks upset and isn’t speaking to me. That is pissing me off more. I hate being ignored. He then leaves me standing and walks behind me and kisses my neck again, my sweet spot. He licks my shoulder blade and with his tongue, works his way down my body to my ankles. He bends me over the overstuffed chair. He spreads my legs. Runs his hand to find my pussy is warm and very wet.

He bends down and licks my pussy and ass and then inserts a finger into my ass and pussy while rubbing my clit. My legs are shaking. He sucks my lips, circles my clit with his tongue. I’m moaning and screaming in pleasure now. He keeps finger fucking me. One finger still in my ass. Then before I can cum he stops, takes me to the floor puts me on all fours and takes me from behind. He spreads my swollen pussy open to take his fat cock. He shoves it in with no gentleness. I moan at the first thrust. With one of his hands he grabs one of my breasts and plays with my nipple the other he keeps on my hip. He is pumping me harder and harder with each thrust. His balls are smacking against my ass. I hear his grunts and moaning getting louder and hearing him makes me even more turned on. "I’m getting ready to cum," I scream. He takes both his hands to my hips and gives me three more hard thrusts and as he is thrusting he finally says I love fucking you when I’m mad!

I cum so hard when he says this!!! He feels my pussy muscles tighten around his cock and just hearing me cumming makes him explode deep inside right after me. We collapse together onto the floor… I’m in orgasmic heaven too dazed to be angry with him anymore. I look at him and he smiles. I said "was that your way of saying you are sorry?" He said "maybe, but just wait, you are going to be sorry next" and then he pulls me into to him and kisses my forehead. I laugh and hit him with a throw pillow.

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