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I first started masturbating around the time I started high school. I didn't actually have my first orgasm until I had been masturbating for about two years. The reason, more than anything was a problem with my mind and body connection. I knew how to get my body in the mood but not my brain. Most of this goes back to not really knowing or understanding my sexuality as a whole. The first time I did finally cum while playing with myself was because I was doing it in front of a mirror. I didn't realize why until I was in my early twenties and took the time to actually think about why. I only came because the sight of my own body created a fantasy in my mind of watching another girl touch herself the same way I did.

Even watching myself masturbate never helped me to climax as quickly as I did that first time I came from Claire's touch. She awoke a realization in me that I am actually a sexual being. That it was indeed possible to orgasm with ease. That what I had thought meant I was turned on before was actually just the crude ministrations of a girl who didn't know herself.

In that moment, as Claire laid half atop me, her breasts pressed to my arm and my own left breast, her fingers running through my hair, her smile so incredibly warm and inviting - I'm embarrassed to admit it - I felt as though I was in love. Love, easily confused with lust and desire at times. Though there is some truth in it. Despite our relationship consisting of two casual sexual encounters, I will always love her for being my first. For helping me to discover this part of myself. For starting me on the real journey of my self discovery.

I slipped out from under Claire and sat up beside her, the cold air not feeling quite so cold as it was as the blanket that had been mostly covering us had slid down my body to bunch around my waist. I told her something to the effect that I wanted to do the same for her that she had done to me. Which had gotten a soft chuckle from her before she rolled onto her back and I side straddled her. I don't know if I was more nervous to have her touching me or to touch her. She was this older, more experienced woman. I still felt like a girl. My lack of worldly experience sapping my self esteem.

So I took what lessons I had learned from moments ago and tried my best to apply them to my own actions. I kissed gingerly at her neck as my right hand drifted down her belly. I couldn't believe how soft her skin was. Like silk. Warm silk. Warm silk growing steadily warmer the further down my fingers drifted. And then there was the contrast of the coarse hair that covered her pubic mound to the softness of her skin. I kissed and licked at her neck. The sounds of her soft sighs nearly as much a turn on as when she had been doing this very thing to me moments before.

How wet she was wasn't as surprising as how hot she was to the touch. I'd never really gotten down a good technique to get myself off at this point (And now you know the relevance of the start to part two) so to say that I was more clueless than not and all over the place would be an understatement.

The heat of her core was a huge draw for my own curiosity so I let my fingers delve inside of her, clumsily fingering her. Not fully sure of what was good and what was just okay. I alternated between exploring the hot silky wetness of her love tunnel to her clit, rubbing my fingers up and down the sides of it. God bless her, she never stopped me or told me I was doing anything wrong. Not this first time. She let me learn by trial and error. It was our second and final time together that I learned she doesn't actually moan very loud, it was exaggerated for my benefit and - thankfully - I learned quickly. In what must have been twenty or thirty minutes my touch went from erratic movements all over the place to slightly more refined, rubbing her in ways that made her moan the loudest.

They were subtle lessons but ones that I've refined to this day. Planting my palm against her mons, letting my fingers rub circularly over her clit. This is what had made her moan the loudest so that's what I kept doing. It was such a thrill to listen to her, kissing her breasts, my tongue swirling around one nipple then the other. Her right thigh pushing up between my legs as she spread her legs wider for me. The pressure of her leg against me making me dizzy with desire. Kissing her deep and hard, my fingers rubbing faster and faster, applying just a tiny bit more downward pressure against her. Her moans into my mouth like a drug I couldn't get enough of. Claire began to writhe beneath me. I had no idea she was getting close. Her exaggerated moaning had quieted down to clipped panting sighs, her body writhing more and more. Her arms wrapped around my neck and shoulders, holding me tight as we kissed, my face held to hers through her moans and pants.

Claire's body trembled beneath me, her right thigh pushing up firmly between my legs as her hips began to buck and roll against my hand. Our foreheads pressed together, she held onto my back and neck with what felt like all of her weight, panting and moaning softly for me, her eyes closed. Mine were wide open, watching the blur of her face, too close to focus on any features yet I'll never forget the way her eyes looked scrunched closed. Seconds later Claire's arms went limp around me and she stopped writhing beneath me. She panted, her eyes still closed. A soft coo her approval.

I pushed myself up to look down at her, seeing some of the curves in her body in the moon and starlight, the silvery hue it turned her skin in the darkness. A moment later Claire was sitting up and she turned to the pile of her clothes and pulled her phone out. We laughed together about how late it was. Some time after one in the morning. We'd been outside for just over two hours.

I told her I wasn't tired yet. She admitted she wasn't either. I move in closer to her, resting my cheek against her shoulder. One arm around the small of her back, the other around her front, fingers clasping as I suddenly began to notice the cold.

I thanked her for how amazing it was to do this with her. to experience everything that I had just experienced. She smiled and kissed me, leading me back down onto my back, straddling me once again. After a few minutes of kissing I was expecting that we were going to do what we had been doing. Rubbing and touching as we made out. It was a delicious idea but Claire's hand never reached down between my legs.

She kissed my neck and I groaned in approval. Her lips and tongue teased my nipples and I writhed beneath her, enjoying every short lived moment of it. Still her hand didn't make a move to touch me any lower than my shoulders and breasts. Where I was expecting the soft dragging touch of fingers and nails on my stomach I suddenly felt the warm wetness of her lips and the firm hot wetness of her tongue flicking against my belly.

Her fingers were entwined with mine, her grasp firm, holding my hands at my sides. My heart began to race so fast I thought it was going to jump right out of my chest. My breathing even more rapid than when all she'd done earlier is touch my stomach. The undulation of my stomach was like that of a stormy sea. I may have been having a panic attack in that moment but Claire kept kissing further and further down. How she managed to keep her lips and tongue so close to my belly I'll never know. I was too nervous to question or stop her.

That's... OH GOD!... new. Is the thought that went through my mind as her tongue move against my clit for the first time. I pulled my hands from hers, my whole body writhing against the sensation as I dug my shoulders into the picnic blanket and arched my back so deeply I though I might fold in half as I cried out in pleasure. I was breathing so hard my lungs burned, writhing so much sweat began to bead between my breasts and against my brow. I lasted so much longer than the first time. Not by my own doing. Claire took her time.

Her lips wrapped around most of my sex, sucking so incredibly hard, her tongue flicking over my clit. She set my soul on fire with lust and desire. More. All I wanted was more. Two fingers filled me and I drove my ankles into the ground, my knees u and spread. I couldn't stop myself from bucking and rolling my hips. I was too close to cumming. So close and so in need. I was a constant source of cooing and moaning as I wiggled and writhed and trembled at Claire's touch.

I didn't think it possible to cum harder than I had less than an hour before but this was... mmm, fuck, it was new. It was incredible. I grabbed the back of her head and held on for dear life as my body shook and trembled and bucked. I moaned out in ecstasy through each convulsion of pleasure that wracked my body.

As I shuddered in post coital bliss, Claire worked her way up from under the blanket, laying atop me once more. She kissed me, lightly at first, more deeply at my urgency. My taste on her lips was intoxicating.

Of course the evening wasn't over. It didn't matter how late it was. I had to give back. Curiosity. A need to reciprocate. Call it what you will. The desire to do so had a grip on me that I couldn't control.

I mimicked Claire now, rolling her over onto her back as we kissed, straddling her. I kissed her neck to her collar. I spent more time focusing on her breasts now than earlier. I kissed and licked and suckled at her nipples, kneading and squeezing at her soft flesh. Completely enamored despite having breasts of my own, it's just so different to touch hers. Her gentle caress on my neck and cheeks. I could have lived there, listening to her soft coos and moans.

What finally made me decided to finally start kissing down her belly I'm not quite sure. There was no nervousness in her as I kissed down her stomach. She simply ran her fingers through my hair, her stomach rising and falling calmly with her breathing. How many times had she been in this position? I wondered.

There was no looking up into her eyes as I kissed down further and further. My hair got stuck against the blanket, pulling up over my head, making a mess as it spilled over onto her stomach as I kissed lower. I ignored it kissed lower still. The smell of our combined arousal filling up all of the space in the blanket.

My tongue poked out from between my lips as I tentatively explored forward slowly until I felt the warmth of her skin. Feeling bold I pressed down quickly, my tongue parting her lips, hearing her gasp as her taste covered my tongue. I fell to the picnic blanket, my breasts mashing against it as I settled in between Claire's legs, greedily lapping. Her taste so incredibly intoxicating. I began to lap greedily at her, my hands hooking under her thighs, rubbing her stomach.

Time ceased to exist as I kissed and licked her slick sex, in the dark, unsure of what I was doing. I tried to mimic what Claire had done to me, sucking at her clit, my tongue flicking across it. I licked her with fervor, feeling myself growing aroused again, the thrum between my legs not an aching yearn to be touched, just a reminder that there was an itch that would love to be scratched should the opportunity present itself.

Minutes ticked by as I clumsily learned, lapping and licking, her soft moans growing louder and louder, quiet words of encouragement driving me on. Her body began to move more and more, writhing beneath me. She was close. I licked harder, the increased pressure of my tongue making her moan a little louder. I hummed and moaned softly against her, rolling my head around, helping my tired tongue.

Claire grabbed the back of my head, her legs staying spread as she held me, her moans soft and subdued, her body writhing as she came. My tongue traced down to her core as I lapped at her, getting my first taste of a girl who had just cum, the thick wetness oozing from her, a sweetness to her taste now. I licked at her long after she came, my chin and cheeks covered in her wetness.

We cleaned up quietly in the basement soon after Claire had cum. After some time spent cuddling and recovering of course. I went sneaking back into lily's room after cleaning up and passed right out. It was just after two in the morning as I collapsed into Lily's bed, curling up with my back to her, exhausted, sated, my heart fluttering.

Claire left back for Maryland a few weeks later, just after Lily and I graduated High School. Her summer semester had started. We had sex once more two weeks after that first time and never again. After she'd left to go back to school she met a boy who she wound up marrying a few years later. They have a baby girl, another on the way.

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January 10, 2017
So incredible!

mike 1960
January 4, 2017
jesus reading that made me cum in my pants without even touching !!!

January 2, 2017
wow, it is your best one yet

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