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im a single multi racil yougman broken heatred nolies the stryhow a busty beaty her name was thresa lopez beauty like halle beery and jlo combined broke my heart tolong tosay here. i joined here to make new friends meet that that dream women and hoing all wors butinreality awhile i got very horny very cold here now inbrooklyn lubed up all over y body tokeep my sking the frtion fromlube while weraing these army fatgue undiescased an ecrtion soory saying this hoping nobdy saw if so hoping wast rude to women of allkinds here today or who ever read this im hertosexaully like busty slder women long hair beaty as the what still looking or more and see how goes from also hoping having a heart of gold tomy hoobies fan of the wwe guy the rockksince 199 the samon guy anime only saw one heantai yrs ago anime martial arts style some mature though nja scroll the guyver the first streefighter animated movie gogo 13 wicked city swaord of truth kite the movie and the fist of the north str anime series. plus others but toomany tomention also like movies ceartain horro the hellraser flims the cenobites pinhead and the original fredy charles kruger film plus nightmare 3 and sllepaway camp mnius that shocking ending plus the fridaythe 13th flims the phtasm flims leatherface etc plus comedy supse films dr lectr rd dragon slice of the lambs back to futre films austinpowers comedys etc soory agin if to lentgy trying to get most of my hoobies out thre hoping not boring anybody so far..

Zodiac Sign

my bday born on 09/30/81 keepsecrt here told im a libra

Favorite Color

blue or ocean blue since iwas 15 liked this color

Favorite Vacation Spot

swimming and basketball in montana

Favorite TV Shows

so mant to say classic sienfield frasier mtv stuff beavis and butt head the news nine yrs since 2007 a fan of tmz and so much more

Favorite Movies

hell rasier fils the godfather films scarface al pacino alsoslicenof the lambs reddrgon the texa s chainsaw flims ceartain ones chucky flims in the past some playboy tv flims anime flims bram strokers dracula and romantic comdies and supense

Favorite Actors

brad pitt tom cruise halle beery women eve mendes jlo ashley greene kira knightley amd shannon sossamon and youger demi morre from striptease plus others.

Favorite Actresses

halle beery kira knightley and mentioned above eve mendes

Favorite Foods

pizza burger king homemade rigonti waffles pancakes bagels with cream cheese with nice hot cup of tea or hazenut coffee my weakness is ice cream vanilla or chery vanilla and pistascioplus vannila nepotian and butter almond rummy nut ice cream dulche leche caramel ice cream as well i like with whip cream and other toppings .

Favorite Music

calssic slim shady calls 80s music madoona the bagles gerge strait rogers or rod stewart phil colloins deep inside of me great song by him etc inhip hop liked slimshadys role model plus rap god over a yr now

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Last Login: December 29, 2017

Status: single
Joined: October 26, 2016
Age: 37
Sex: Male
Orientation Straight
Location: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Interests: Cam,Cyber
Looking for: Sex Chat/Cybersex,Relationship/Dating,Friendship,Roleplay