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Jamie was simply not my type. He was born in Mexico , maybe 5 and a half feet with dark features and dark hair. I was always attracted to tall, blonde and young, Jamie wasn't my age but late 30 s .
He was our waiter at a friends wedding , him and I flirted the evening away, hiding it from my husband was the fun part, I never expected it to go further but as the night went on I found myself getting hornier and hornier. Jamie outlined his cock through his black dress pants he wore, at least he was well endowed , or so he made it seem.

He passed me a note telling me to meet him in the hallway in 10 minutes if I wanted to finish this off right. My husband was at another table talking business over scotches and I needed to be satisfied.

I went down the hall way as he said and waited , making it look like I was waiting for the handicap bathroom, a minute or two passed and I was about to leave when a side door opened and he stood there smiling, waving me in.

He grabbed my hand and lead me thru a service area, other staff were cleaning up and no one seemed to even notice us. He lead me to a back door and with a key he opened it, locking it again behind us.

He pinned me against the wall and kissed me, his hands raised my skirt until he was touching my flesh. he ran his fingers across my lips, I knew I was already wet and I know he noticed. I tried to undo his shirt but couldn't focus with his finger sliding in and out of me, my panties pulled down a couple of inches, I stopped trying.

' Youre awfully tight " he said " I will feel good to you".

He stepped back and loosened his shirt I reached for his pants and undid them, kneeling in front of him he pulled down his tight black briefs, his thick manhood already hard stood in front of me.
My hand didn't reach around his girth, I had a hard time getting much more then the head of him inside me. I stroked him slowly as he undid his shirt and took it off. I ran my hands up across his stomach, he was totally ripped with a great 8 pack and a thick chest, his body felt great but I wanted him inside me.

I stood up.

" I need you' I told him looking him straight in the eyes.

" My pleasure" he said removing his pants.

I took my skirt off and slipped off my top, he undid my bra and pushed me against the wall again. Kneeling down it was his turn I guess and his tongue found the spot right away.

I could feel my heart pounding, I was so horny for him.

"fuck me baby , just fuck me " I said in a hushed tone.

He stood up and had me bend over a table. I chose to put my head down on it in my arms. I pushed back towards him, his hands on my hips. I felt him run across my lips briefly but before I could react he had entered my almost fully in one thrust.

I was taken aback by how large he felt inside me, it took me a second or two to catch my breath and realize what had happened . My pussy was definately not use to his size. He thrust in me pushing the table across the floor, neither of us cared. I started to orgasm quickly and he knew it. He grabbed my hips and pushed into me harder as I shook. When I was done he grabbed me by the shoulders and spun me around, taking my legs and putting them on his shoulders he entered me again.

" My turn " he said. The look on his face was one of determination , he was a machine and I could tell.

I watched him entering me until I could hold my head up any longer. I grabbed the edge of the table as he had his way with me. I could tell how bad he wanted to cum for me. I started to shake again.

" wait" he said to me grabbing my nipples with each hand and squeezing them.

I could stop myself though and began to orgasm again.

He puled me back into him, lifting me so he was fucking up into me as I held onto him, when I was done orgasming he laid me back down.

" Watch me now baby " he said.

He stroked himself a few times before entering me, he felt so good, after a minute he pulled out of me and shot his cum across my stomach chest and chin. 4 or 5 incredible releases. When he was done he pushed himself back inside me and fucked me for a few more minutes bringing me to orgasm one more time.

Pulling out of me he was still hard, I knew we had unfinished business. He grabbed a cloth and wiped me down. I sucked his cock clean for him before we both got dressed.

He lead me around the front and out another way we wouldn't be noticed. I kissed him before rejoining the wedding......

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January 12, 2017
Mmm that's hot

December 20, 2016
Awesome story!

December 13, 2016
Great story, gave me a thrill. You seem like a lot of fun. Ide love to chat with you someday.

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