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I am a life long nudist who enjoys nearly anything you might imagine in the way of sex, I have a few taboos but not many. I currently live in a on going state of confusion, but I am sort of out in the boonies so I don't get to play as much as I like to. So I come to sites like this to chat and have fun.

I am a lover of porn, I know many women aren't but you know I am not like many women! :)

I have an older laptop right now that keeps me from being able to stream, but I have asked Santa again for a new one this Christmas, though I will not be posting any new videos with it, sorry about that.

I don't make dates with people I meet on line so please don't ask and I am not going to give you my phone number. You may be very nice but the answer is still no.

I don't post naked pictures of myself on line any longer, there have been too many problems with that so please don't ask, the answer is always no.

I don't role play, I'm sorry but I find that really boring.

You may ask me ANYTHING you want and I will answer you, it is just that sometimes it does take me a little while to answer you back. But I will answer you, promise.

There is a rather odd rule I have though; I am a slut there is no denying that, but please don't call me that. In the same vein I react very poorly to the words "Whore" and the big one, "Cunt". Surely we can play without offending, can't we?

If you want to know more about me I try to keep a diary/blog though sometimes I am not very diligent. The site is NOT a video site or a chat room it's just a place for me to write my thoughts and talk about my travels. I hope you enjoy what I write about. It's at

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Favorite Color

The color of the inside of wet pussy lips, you know?

Favorite Vacation Spot

Scotland was wonderful!

Favorite TV Shows

I admit it I am a Star Trek fan!

Favorite Movies

Under the Tuscan Sun, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Favorite Actors

Sean Connery, Chris O'Donnell

Favorite Actresses

Elizabeth Moss, Uma Thurman,

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Naked Melody
January 2, 2018

The count-down has begun! I leave on the 15th of this month for a wonderful work related trip to the U.K.! Look out England, Melody is coming back! I can barely wait.

July 12, 2017


December 3, 2016


September 19, 2016

Hey wanna have some fun??

Naked Melody
July 22, 2015

Some updates...

Naked Melody


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