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Hello, my name is Laura. I like to cuddle after sex. Nice to meet you.

I was never good at describing myself and neither do I think that this is going to be better than those before but here you go:

I have finished my study at uni and am now currently... er doing my job for a living (I'm positive that what I do is very much not interesting, not to you at least).

When I'm not on here, I surprisingly do a silly amount of things. You might think I'm boring but I like to stay at home and watch old movies in my spare time, Casablanca being one of my absolute favourites along with Breakfast At Tiffany's and Psycho. I've watched Psycho a lot of times but I've never completely seen the shower scene, I might need a shoulder (or six) for when I find the courage to finally watch it (which is not anytime soon).

I take a lot of classes just for the sake of learning something new. Most of the classes that I've taken are related to the knowledge that someday, I presume, will make me a fantastic Granny; cooking, sewing, gardening, and even tap dancing.

I would have to say that I'm quite normal in terms of making life decisions. Like, I don't think having sex with a dog and/or a horse is ever my top priority in life. However, if you are into that, I am clearly in no place to judge your interests and your extremely strange life choices, aren't I?

What I intent to do on here is basically talk with a variety of people, doesn't necessarily have to be about a certain topic. I'm random when it comes to being in a conversation and I would like to think that I'm capable of holding any kind of conversation except those about animals, although I quite like sea creatures. In a totally non-sexual way. Just talk with me and please do excuse my rather sarcastic sense of humour.

In the true words of Kimya Dawson (which basically sum up everything):
"I like boys with strong convictions
And convicts with perfect diction
Underdogs with good intentions
Amputees with stamp collections
Plywood, skinboards, ride the ocean
Salty noses suntan lotion
Always seriously joking
And rambunctiously soft-spoken
I like boys that like their mothers
And I have a thing for brothers"

And I'm asking very nicely, if you don't mind, I'd like you to make the simple effort of typing the "y" and "o" in you and "a" and "e" in are. There's very few things more attractive than people who speak properly. I get dizzy by a lot of things so please have pity on my poor eyes :(

Oh dear, I am boring you, am I not? I ramble quite a lot. Bear with me.

P.s.: shhh I do have a face

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February 13, 2017

laura is a troll.

December 9, 2016

Love your profile. An intelligent woman is very attractive and judging by your back! Well, I am quite sure you are lovely. Would love to chat sometime, tap me if you see me in a room 😀

December 5, 2016

Is it tea time

October 4, 2016

hop on skype! i'll play you a mayer tune on guitar

September 29, 2015

Here is another film for you: enjoy



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