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I like a long slow masturbation when I can spare the time. This note describes my play session. I like to get aroused stroking my thighs and my breasts then eventually lightly stroke my pussy lips. Just very light feather-like touches. I like to take a long time over this to get myself really in the mood. Then when my nipples are really erect and pink and my pussy very slippery and my clit is hard and tingling then I step up the stimulation, this was when I started the recording. Just over a minute into the recording I feel my orgasm building but I want to make it last so I slow down, Then for the next couple of minutes I alternate between rubbing my pussy and then when I get close, stop and use vibro on my nipples, that way it calms the impending orgasm but keeps me highly aroused. I like to continue this stopping and starting for as long as possible. Each time I try to get closer to the peak without coming. At around 4 mins I’m getting very close and at around 5 mins I take a slight rest to let the mounting sensations subside a little. You can probably here me moving around a lot. I like to lay on my bed legs open knees raised, when I get excited my hips thrust up and down and my knees open and close involuntarily. At around five and a half minutes it’s building again they are getting stronger each time. This time I almost leave it to late to stop and the spasms start, I stop all stimulation and it slowly subsides. Around six and a half minutes its building again and again I only just stop in time. Short rest then at seven minutes its building again and I know I won’t be able to stop it; the climax comes and lasts almost a minute of exquisite pleasure ending around eight minutes than followed rapidly by three or four further waves.
Here I try to describe the sensations during orgasm it is very difficult to describe. When I am arousing myself I just feel warm all over, as I play with my breasts my nipples get pink and tingle. I feel incredibly sensitive everywhere. Then when I’m touching my pussy the sensation sharpens and isolates around the clitoris. Everything feels hot, my breathing becomes rapid and erratic, my back arches, my legs tense up, and my vaginal muscles tighten up squeezing.
Then I feel tension build, and pleasure build with it, until it feels like my clitoris is going to explode. I can feel myself going into spasms and my brain feels like its being flooded it starts in my vaginal area. I get a feeling of warmth spreading in the abdomen area and legs maybe. And the longer I continue the more I feel it. and then it will become waves of warmth and tingling. Right before I orgasm I can feel a wave coming from inside somewhere, it's like all the blood rushes to one place. And then there are uncontrollable muscle spasms in the pelvis area or stomach, then it's like waves of pleasure radiating. My legs fling out wide and I thrash about. Often the waves will last quite a long time. And I lose all concentration until it's over. And during all this there are feeling of intense pleasure almost painful but so so intense.

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October 28, 2017
would you moan like that if I were licking your pussy like a kitten on a bowl of milk?

October 28, 2017
Such a beautiful sound you make when playing .. yummy

October 20, 2017
Lovely - especially the bit of ass slapping.

October 5, 2017
fantastic audio guys

September 27, 2017
mmm lovely.

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