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THE LANDLORD by yorkie girl

It was late when Sophie arrived home, she'd been out drinking with mates for one of their birthdays despite the fact she was 3 months behind on her rent. So far she'd avoided the calls, letters from her landlord Mr Smith, buried her head in the sand hoping it would all go away even though she knew she would eventually have to face him, have to get together the money she owed him somehow. she took a deep breath and once again pushed all thoughts of it to the back of her mind, humming to herself as she unlocked the door to her flat and let herself inside, closing and locking the door behind her, tossing her keys onto the hall table she turned to enter the living room, switching on the lamp, jumping, gasping out in shock as she looked at her landlord sitting back on her couch staring at her, her heart almost pounding out of her chest as she finally found her voice.

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